14 May 2020 ( 352 views )

Whoopi Goldberg: Americans are ‘Stuck’ at Home Because of Trump.

Whoopi cartoonist has claimed that Americans area unit “stuck” reception attributable to President DonaldTrump’s leadership.
The far-left host of ABC’s “The View” claimed Fri that folks wouldn’t be “stuck” in their homes if America had smart leadership amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

 Goldberg has been showing on “The View” via Skype for the past many days to safeguard herself from potential exposure to coronavirus.During the newest show, she perceived to counsel that President Trump had did not offer grade of leadership which may have unbroken Americans from being forced to remain reception throughout the crisis.

 During the section, Cohost Sunny Hostin perennial the debunked claim that Trump had known as the coronavirus “a hoax” (he has same various times that he was relating the media promotional material
surrounding the virus instead of the virus itself). 

She then instructed that he and plenty of Americans were taking their cues

They listened to the president World Health Organization known as it a hoax. 

There area unit lives at stake,” Hostin same.”The fascinating issue regarding all of this is often no matter channel you’re observance, you’re still observance from home,” cartoonist same.”You’re observance from within your house.”Because an epidemic is going on, and you’re stuck,and no matter facet you’re on, you perceive that after you have leadership, you’d not — you’d not be stuck in your house.”

During Wednesday’s episode of The read. On weekday, cartoonist came to Communist China’s defense claiming President Trump is lying. “I keep in mind [China] attempting to quell this pandemic. Am I
crazy?” she asked.

Goldberg went on to clarify that Mother Nature did this to the u. s., and that we don’t have any one responsible however ourselves. one amongst the foremost under-reported stories once it involves the coronavirus should do with China.

In the previous couple of days, the Chinese party (CCP) has been putt out info on Twitter and Facebook hoping to dupe Americans into basic cognitive process the CCP had nothing to try to to with spreading COVID-19.“The proof of China’s deliberate concealing of the coronavirus natural event in Wuhan may be a matter of public record,” The Atlantic reports.

“In suppressing info regarding the virus, doing very little to contain it, and permitting it to unfold ungoverned within the crucial period and weeks, the regime imperiled not solely its own country and its own voters however conjointly the quite one hundred nations currently facing their own doubtless devastating outbreaks.”

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