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Who is better President? Obama or Donald Trump

Who is better POTUS? Obama or Trump ? It would be unfair to compare them head to head, at this point. One had eight years in office, allowing him time to accomplish many things, while the other has had less than 4 years in office, and not much time to accomplish much of anything substantive.

That having been said, let’s try to compare them just for the sake of answering our question, That Who is better President? Obama or Donald Trump

Barack Obama’s Campaign promises

Hope & Change. I’ll give him that one. A lot of people hoped things would change, and they did. But, I’m not so sure many of them liked all of the change they got
Some form of healthcare to cover the uninsured, while allowing people who had healthcare plans, to keep plans they liked, all while reducing the costs of healthcare. Gotta give him a demerit on this. In the end, about as many people were uninsured as before, just that there was a new group of insured folks and some newly uninsured folks, while many people were forced off of plans they liked, and nearly EVERYONE’s costs went up exponentially.
He’d end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and stop Bush’s policy of “Nation-Building”. Gotta give him a demerit on this one, too. While the Iraqi war did end under him, it was done on a timetable set under the Bush Administration. Afghanistan is still being fought and we have expanded our military aggression into other Middle East nations, and Obama’s Administration killed more people with Drones than Bush’s ever did. The “Arab Spring” was a bust, nation building in Egypt and Libya, brought us DISASTERS in both of those countries, including the first American Ambassador killed on foreign soil in a very long time. Egypt has finally gotten mostly under control, but look at the mess in Syria, Lebanon, and around the Middle East, to see Obama’s failures.

He promised to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv, to Jerusalem (just as several of his predecessors had promised). Never happened in 8 years on his watch.

Restore the economy. We never saw 2 consecutive quarters of >4% GDP growth, so, no, he failed this, too.
He promised to unite a divided country. We were more divided along racial, ethnic, gender and religious lines when he left office, than when he took office. Fail!

Now, let’s see what Trump has done, towards fulfilling HIS promises.

Build the Wall. Even with stonewalling from Congress, it is happening. Slowly, but it is happening. Still, I’ll NOT count that as being fulfilled.
Drain the Swamp. Not fulfilled, but we certainly know MUCH more about the so-called “Deep State” and conspiracies within the government, which would be one of the first steps. Identifying the problem. Still not yet fulfilled
Tax cuts. Well, he’s got me there. We did see passage of the largest tax cut in a very long time.

He too, promised to move the embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Done!
He promised to bring jobs back and lower unemployment. We are currently at the HIGHEST labor participation rate in recorded history. Unemployment is the lowest since Nixon was in office. Done!
Keystone XL Pipeline. Done!
He promised to rebuild the military, and it IS being done.
He promised to renegotiate bad trade deals. NAFTA is gone and we have a better deal, as a result.
He promised to get us out of the Paris Accords. Done!
He promised to scrap the terrible Iranian Nuclear deal. Done!
He promised to work to bring peace to the Korean Peninsula. Not yet accomplished, but he has gotten more done than anyone in 65 years.
So, you see, it really is unfair to compare them. Obama had 8 years and managed to get very little done, other than appease his union buddies. Trump hasn’t even hit the 4 year mark, yet, so he hasn’t had much time to accomplish anything…..

So tell us in comment section as well

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