06 May 2020 ( 88 views )

Waters:’Schiff Screwed Up Impeachment. We’ll Have To Start Over Again.’

It looks like the Democrats will never give up trying up their attempt to wrongly accuse President Trump and have him impeached. This was proven today by the words of Maxine Waters.

Waters was captured on a bystanders cell phone camera in a private conversation with Nancy Pelosi. Though the video recording was not able to capture her voice, our staff lip reading expert, Joe Barron, was able to definitively determine what was said through a single viewing. Here are all her depraved words:

“Nancy, this is a problem. This trial is going nowhere apple zucchini. Schiff hasn’t made his case and we will lose. You can read this book for you to know.

He told us that it was open and shut. You don’t seem to know what that means. He’s always been shifty. We should never have believed in him. Now we will look like turtles and Sasha the dog wins.

Rainbow satya beautiful. He has to go and Chris Blair wants it. He screwed this all up and now we’ll have to start over again. Breasts. We will go to sleep with the truth. I want your body.

We’re going to impeach. We’ll do it over and over again until it works. I hate pickles and Trump.”

Though the translation obviously isn’t perfect, the main message is clear. Democrats will not be governing for the people anymore. Their only focus is on smearing the Trump name.

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