28 May 2020 ( 723 views )

Trump Explodes At Congress:’Stop Thinking Of Yourselves. Think Of America!’

Prior to winning the presidency, Trump stated many times that he would bring together Democrats and Republicans to work together as one. And he has tried. Repeatedly. But Congress is stubborn and set in their ways. They don’t accept change easily, as Trump has found out.

It seems that Trump has now reached his boiling point and is demanding that things change immediately. In a rousing speech before Congress, he made some demands.

“Alright, alright! Just stop! You have to collaborate! And listen to each other! It is through communication that we get things done.

Something grabs a hold of me tightly when I see you all bickering like this. Will it ever stop? I don’t know. But I’ll do my best to help it get there.

Love it or leave it people, you better gain way because this kid – me – I don’t play. Here we have a problem and I will solve it.

You have got to get along. You act like children and I don’t want to be your daddy. Perhaps I should say a word to your mothers?

Work together people!”

And after that magnificent performance, President Trump walked out of the room, head held high, knowing that he done right for our nation. We are proud of him for saying what needed to be said.

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