27 May 2020 ( 14 views )

Trump causes stir with retweets of personal attacks on Abrams, Pelosi, Hillary

President Trump caused a stir on Twitter Sunday with a number of provocative retweets.

Several of the retweets were of former congressional candidate John Stahl.

TheHill reports President Trump spent piece of his Memorial Day weekend utilizing his Twitter record to advance individual assaults on Democrats, retweeting posts that targeted previous Georgia gubernatorial applicant Stacey Abrams’ appearance and another that considered previous Secretary of State Hillary Clinton a “prostitute,” among others.

A few of the assaults Trump retweeted on Sunday originated from previous GOP congressional competitor John K. Stahl, who ineffectively ran in 2012 to speak to California’s 52nd Congressional District.

In one tweet attacking Abrams’ appearance, later retweeted by Trump, Stahl stated: “We just got a gander at the official picture for oneself broadcasted Governor of Georgia. She battled an extreme race, kissed a great deal of infants and visited each smorgasbord café in the state. Joe will be a supremacist in the event that he doesn’t pick her.”
The president likewise retweeted a post by Stahl that assaulted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calf.). “Anybody know what’s new with PolyGrip? I’ve seen of late that her face appears to be lustrous and she is donning an inadequately stamped second arrangement of eyebrows,” Stahl tweeted.

In a subsequent tweet assaulting Pelosi’s appearance that showed up on Trump’s Twitter channel throughout the end of the week, Stahl went after the Speaker’s teeth, asserting she wore false teeth, and composed that she drank liquor “at work.”

Another post from Stahl that Trump retweeted alluded to Clinton, who ran against Trump in the 2016 presidential political race, as “HRC the Skank.”

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Stahl likewise focused on possible Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in a couple of posts that were shared by Trump, in which he alluded to Biden as “Malarkey the Racist” and as one of the “three chumps on steroids.” The other two individuals Stahl alludes to as numbskulls in a similar post are Pelosi and Abrams.

As per The New York Times, this isn’t the first run through Stahl has utilized misogynist language in analysis focusing on ladies via web-based networking media.

Stahl likewise purportedly once alluded to MSNBC have Joy Reid as a “slut” via web-based networking media and called Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), another noticeable lady of shading, a “ho.”

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