24 May 2020 ( 534 views )

Ted Cruz Calls For Hollywood Cuts – He Wants Federal Dollars Stopped For Studios That Censor To Make China Happy

Ted Cruz is fed up with China’s tendency to interfere with America. And, he’s making sure American companies aren’t helping them.

Many suspect China suppressed information that could have stemmed the spread of COVID-19. They even admitted they destroyed samples of the virus.

Now, Sen. Cruz wants to make sure that no American industry—especially Hollywood—is bowing to the communist nation.

Sen. Ted Cruz is laying out a zero-tolerance policy for Hollywood studios that willingly censor their movies to please Chinese Communist officials, proposing new legislation that will block all federal assistance to the studios behind those film productions.

Look at that! An American lawmaker holding both China and La La Land accountable!

Ted Cruz is proposing legislation that will deny government resources to Hollywood studios that willingly censor their films for China.

It’s no secret that many American businesses have worked closely with the communist government to get business from their country. Even worse is how our entertainment and media companies bend over backward, to make China happy.

Did you know that Hollywood edits many American films to comply with China’s strict, communist censors? American studios willingly change our movies, so they can rake in the big bucks from China theaters.

An industry that profits because America’s Freedom of Speech is so quick to bow to foreign censors, for the almighty dollar.

Ted Cruz listed several films that studios edited for Chinese markets. Even the upcoming Top Gun sequel, Hollywood altered to make the CCP happy.

Can you believe that? A film about Maverick, an American icon, was edited out of fear from the communists.

If that don’t turn your stomach, I don’t know what will!
Cruz has a good idea for ending this ridiculous trend: cut federal support to studios that bow to China.

American film studios frequently use military bases, aircraft carriers, and other resources in their movies. They are often dependent on the government or military to do their job.

It’s simple, a company that willingly edits their films for China will no longer get American aid.

Sound good to you?

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