28 May 2020 ( 138 views )

SCOTUS Issues Order For Omar’s Removal From Congress

Ilhan Omar, Democrat Representative for Minnesota, has been the subject of much legal scrutiny since she took office. From her marriages to her campaign funding to election fraud, legal authorities have always kept a close eye on her and she’s been under near-constant investigation.

All of this has built up much distrust for the Democrat representative and it is that distrust that puts her position in jeopardy. It is this distrust that spurred the Supreme Court of the United States to hold a hearing regarding her future in the House of Representatives.

It’s called a “Confidence Hearing,” and, though it is little used, it does come up from time to time when the constituents of elected officials have lost so much faith in their choice that keeping her in office would be detrimental to those same constituents and to our Republic. That is what has occurred with Omar and those who voted her in cried out for help.

The results of this hearing are not something that Omar will want to hear. The Justices, in a 6-3 ruling decided upon her removal from Congress. She will be allowed to sit until November when the presidential election occurs for continuity purposes. At the time, an election must be called without her name on the ballot.

Chief Justice Roberts explained their decision briefly:

“Mrs. Omar has been the subject of more scandal and possible criminal activity than most other representatives combined. This is not fitting for a member of our government and makes one question her motives for being there.

We must defer to those in her district who can no longer abide their decision to elect this woman. Ilhan Omar will be removed from Congress forthwith.”

It’s finally happening. The squad is now going to be torn apart one by one. It’s about time.

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