23 May 2020 ( 1567 views )

Ocasio-Cortez Pens Bill Requiring Firearm Owners to Buy ‘Gun Insurance’

When you’re Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the hits never stop coming.  Washington’s own Bartending Betty Boop introduced yet another ridiculous bill to the floor this week, and you’re going to love where this one’s going.  She wants you to be legally required to buy “gun insurance” in order to possess a firearm.

She also wants you to get that mole on your back looked at. You might be allergic to your favorite Bryan Adams concert tee.
The socialist Sister Souljah explained during a congressional meeting why and how her new legislation would work :

“So, you have to have car insurance in case you hurt yourself or someone else with your car, right?  Or else you can’t drive.  Well, if you’re really a ‘responsible’ gun owner, like I keep hearing about, you won’t mind spending a couple of bucks a month on gun insurance to cover your gun hurting someone, whether in your possession or not.  How long are shooting victim’s families supposed to foot the bills?  Let’s get this passed.  I need to go to the mall and get an Orange Julius.”

Oh, while you’re there, grab me a Cookie Puss. It’s the guy I hate at work’s birthday.
Little Orphan Commie also points out that her endeavor would start a whole new industry of gun insurance providers, creating thousands of jobs in the process, not to mention law enforcement positions made specially to deal with incidents leading to claims and legal positions specifically to settle them.   But at what price to our freedoms?

Is it ten dollars? Our freedoms can take ten dollars.
Harry Nipsanass, spokesman for the National Rifle Association has railed against the bill as “The equivalent of levying a gun tax”. In response, Cortez reportedly flipped her hair and calmly retorted : “Okay.  It’s a gun tax.  Die mad, Goober.”

Would YOU support a requirement to own gun insurance?  Write to Congress and let them know.  Let them know you don’t need Geico between you and your AK.

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