12 May 2020 ( 638 views )

Obama Slams Trump For Destroying ‘His Economy’

Barack Obama did nothing for America. He didn’t care about it and, in fact, he did everything he could to destroy it. Millions of jobs were lost under him and the economy failed to grow for eight long and hard years.

When Trump was elected and took office in January 2016, the economy began to boom immediately. Record low unemployment, record-high stock markets, everything began to become great.… and Obama tried to take credit.

After three years of claiming credit for the greatest economy this country has ever seen, Obama is now slamming President Trump, accusing him of destroying his “economic legacy.“

“When I took office, this country was in a shambles. Once again, a Republican president destroyed the economy, and, once again, the Democrats had to come in to clean up the mess.

And I did incredible job with millions of jobs, rising market, renewed respect around the world. I’m the one who made America great again. Trump has nothing to do with it. I built America into an economic powerhouse the likes of which the world has never seen. It was never going to slow down if my plan had been kept in place. The Obama plan was flawless.

And now Trump has screwed it up. In just three years, President Trump has destroyed my economic legacy and the lives of millions. That’s surely a record. He created a recession in less than half the time than any other Republican president has so he’s number one in something at least.

So there you go America. You voted this chump in because, for some reason, you did not enjoy economic success. Now you’re all paying the price. I’ve got millions so I don’t care. You’re all going to become homeless.”

President Trump has not destroyed anything and it was Trump’s economy, not Obama’s. What we were experiencing now is just a blip and in his second term, we will rise higher than we ever have before, like Hefner on the blue pill.

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