28 May 2020 ( 9094 views )

Obama Jailed 3000 US Soldiers For Doing Their Jobs;Trump Will Pardon Them All

Obama’s disrespect for our military is well documented. He cut military spending to record lows, he sent millions of veterans to live on the street, and he cared little for the VA, leaving it to Trump to create programs like Veterans First for their medical care.

So it comes as no surprise to find out that President Obama jailed upwards of 3000 of our own fighting men and women while he was in office……simply for doing their jobs.

 These are our brave soldiers, overseas putting their lives on the line for our freedom. They should be applauded, not punished, but Obama never saw it that way.

Take the case of Major Richard Fitzwell. While stationed in Agr-aba, Fitzwell noticed an alarming number of villagers in the village he was driving through. He asked them all what their business was – in plain, clear, loud, slow English – and not a one would answer him.

 Their intention was clear because of their failure to respect his authority. The army’s “Richard Head Rules of Engagement Guidebook” makes it known that “one should assume enmity if army commands and requests are not responded to in a desirable manner.” 

This was obviously the case in Agr-aba, so Fitzwell did what any good soldier would do to protect our republic from overseas – he eliminated the threats.

Or the case of Cpl Aida Diq. Diq had several townspeople in Qumar greet her with, “Salaam,” an Arabic word roughly translating to “Screw you.” It is a word she was very familiar with as being aggressive in nature. So she did as she was trained to do. She took out the aggressors.

These are just two examples of the good works that soldiers who now reside in prison cells committed for us. Obama incarcerated them for their actions.

President Trump has now promised to release these fine men and women, calling them “perfect examples of the American fighting spirit…..examples to us all.” He intends to have all pardoned and redeployed to continue their missions by year’s end.

God bless these formidable, moral soldiers. And god bless President Trump.

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