14 May 2020 ( 68 views )

Nancy Pelosi has made big mistake in impeachment article!

This mistake will weaken the impeachment case from Democrats side.House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has her reasons for limiting her impeachment articles to offenses stemming from the abuses and violations related to Ukraine.

 Since she is the writer of impeachment drama.But, she declined to pursue a broader impeachment approach that recognizes multiple provable, So called serious violations of the Constitution. 

Speaker Pelosi overruled Chairs of Committees, including the Judiciary Committee, and other senior lawmakers who wanted to forward to the Senate a broader array of impeachable offenses. But Americans peoples are still behind President Donald J. Trump

 She is overly worried about the conservative Democrats who won congressional seats in 2018 in Republican, pro-Trump districts.

 Endangering their seats might, Pelosi fears, lead to the loss of the House in 2020 and, more immediately, risk not having the votes in the House to pass additional impeachable offenses.

This is the real reason behind this Impeachment drama. 

She want a country where illegals have rights to vote. They know that Americans are not voting them anymore. They want to use the our tax money to fund the illegal aliens.

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