23 May 2020 ( 205 views )

Melania:’Liberals Hate Me Because I’m Intelligent & Beautiful’

Our First Lady is easily the best one we’ve ever had. She has it all: natural beauty, amazing grace, unmatched class, flexible athleticism, and a sharp intellect. 

Her health is top-notch. Her kidney surgery had given us a scare last year, but she came out of it looking better than ever. She is the perfect role model for young girls in America today.

Liberals hate her and mock her endlessly. This is inexplicable to many observers but the reasons are obvious – they’re jealous. Melania Trump exemplifies everything that a First Lady should be and they’ve never had anyone who measures up.

When asked about the haters by online publication, “The Conservative Beguiler,” Melana continued to show the tact that makes her our favorite wife of President Trump:
“I hear their nonsense all the time. Does it hurt my feelings? Sometimes a little bit. But I can brush it off because I know why they say what they say. So then I pity them.

It’s just envy. Liberals hate me because I’m beautiful and intelligent and because I’m humble about it. They are all vane and full of themselves. They cannot understand how it is that I am not like them, especially with all that I have to offer.

I can ignore them because I know that I am better than them.”

You are absolutely correct Melania. A million times better in every way.

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