09 May 2020 ( 709 views )

Joy Behar Says She’s Staying in Lockdown “at least until November when Trump is out of office”

During a recent segment on “The View” Host Joy Behar said she’s staying at home in lockdown “at least until November when Trump is out of office.”

Whoopi Goldberg:

A lot of people don’t seem to be ready to step outside yet according to a survey. 40% say they plan to avoid public spaces as much as possible until long after everything is over, but I don’t think you can actually do it like that.

Joy, how long are you prepared to stay put?

Joy Behar:

I’m prepared. I think I’m going to have to stay put at least until November when Trump is out of office because he is not — he’s not putting the tests out there.”
Until everybody gets tested or certainly people that I’m going to be visiting or places that I’m going to go to, I am not leaving this house.

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