28 May 2020 ( 713 views )

Hillary Clinton & Foundation Purchase Uranium One

(Special report by John Thomas)

In a stunning new expose published by World Net Daily, Uranium One has been exposed for what it really was.  Hillary Clinton now personally has possession of the full 20% of the world’s uranium. Through her tenure as Secretary of State, Clinton personally arranged back channel purchases, leveraged national security interests, and betrayed friendly alliances. She and her evil cabal arranged literally thousands of suicides of those involved in the negotiations.

This treasonous act is even worse than it sounds. Investigative reporting in partnership with Breitbart, the Clinton Foundation has not only been a false front, pretending to be a charatible foundation, but actually the United States headquarters for the Rockefeller-infested New World Order. All representatives of the 13 families serve on the board, some under several assumed names such as “Joe Barron” or “John Thomas”.

Acquiring physical possession of the world’s uranium was only the first step for Hillary Clinton. Video released from the nation’s foremost nuclear research facility at Los Alamos by Project Veritas staff show beyond a doubt that a rogue cabal of nuclear scientists have been in the employ of the Clintons since the early 1990s. The plan to subjugate the nation’s conservative base and implement UN Agenda 21 has been 30 years in the making.

Tiny nuclear weapons have been the Clinton’s goal all along. Since radical liberals know their foolish socialist vision will never fly in the deep ruby Red beating heart of America’s righteous, the bombs cleverly disguised as pony kegs of Coors Lite have been planted in literally thousands of rural American towns. Even more hideously cleverly, the radiation is designed specifically to neuter conservatives, leaving your small American towns at the mercy of evil treasonous liberals.

Congressional funding for traditional law enforcement has been set aside for the Clinton Foundation to purchase the nation’s vacant K-Mart and Sears warehouses, as the Clinton Foundation bought the entire chain’s assets during the fake, arranged bankruptcy. The once-powerful retail empire’s delivery trucks have been converted to the purpose of transporting newly sterilized conservatives to the re-conditioning, posing as job creation in the newly opened New Day- New World retail chain.

Thankfully, this dread scheme has been exposed. Call your congressman and demand the immediate arrest and interrogation of Hillary Clinton and the entire Clinton Foundation. Demand the full resources of the FBI go toward finding these disguised bombs before Clinton’s Final Solution triggers off and ends America!
Keep America Great!

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