21 May 2020 ( 604 views )

Do You Approve of Trump handling Corona Virus?

Before giving any Judgement on Trump’s handling of COVID-19, One should keep these points in his mind.

Do You Approve of Trump’s Response to the Virus Emergency?This question is required some additional information before any answer. First reason is the COIVID-19 is pandemic not a normal flue. Origin of the virus is Wuhan city is China where all this started.

China is guilty of hiding sensitive informtion from all world. They did not take any effective step to stop the virus spreading. Now our MSM is blaming Trump for the mistakes made by Mr Xi of china.

Trump Adminstration do its to stop the Virus and Protect the Americans Lives and Economy. Here is example of how media is play and misleading Americans peoples regarding this virus.

The media is playing its political game over Virus Spread. They want to declare the POTUS as responsiable for Viruss Effect. They want to make use Trump will not get elected in 2020 bid.

Now they are accusing Fox news for defending POTUS Orders. After watching all thier tactis we are asking you here are you Still behind you’r president or fake media has taken you away from his camp. Do you approve of Trump or Misleaded by MSM. Do you Think Trump Deserve 2nd Term or you believe more media than Trump. Please tell us in comment section as well.

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