18 April 2020 ( 2032 views )

Disgraced Nancy Pelosi Spent Last Night In a Drunk Tank in Louisiana

Nancy Pelosi decided she would go out on the town in New Orleans last night, only to end up in the City’s drunk tank.

 Pelosi was arguing with a female bartender at Checkpoint Charlie’s on Bourbon Street when she went ballistic and police were called.

Pelosi might look small but she can really turn on the rage when she gets a few Irish Car Bombs in her.

The police took pity on her after her aide wrote a check for the damages and tossed her in the tank instead of charging her. That way, no crime was recorded and she could just sleep it off.

Unfortunately, what could have just died right there got worse when she started yelling “I’m Nancy F*cking Pelosi” through the bars to people in the parking lot.

 Luckily for her, most of the damage was contained, but one video survived. It was seen more than 3 million times overnight before it mysteriously vanished from the internet.

People with that much power should really be looked into. How can such a public figure do all of these horrible things and none of her voters or fans call her on it? It’s almost like they have little sheep-sized horse blinders on.

Pelosi’s office denies that the incident ever took place and the arresting officer has resigned and moved to an undisclosed location, which means they either paid him off or the Clintons took care of it for her.

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