24 April 2020 ( 15295 views )

AOC Overheard Saying ‘Veterans Are Disposable’

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her merry band of socialists all hate America, just as Robin Hood hated the rich. They’ve made it abundantly clear that they hate our rights, our freedoms, our president, and all of the people, all 300 million of them. They’re just haters, like President Trump always says.

They also hate our military and our veterans. This was shown again last week during a socialist convention in New York where AOC was overheard by another member saying some shocking things about those who fought for our country. Joe Barron was that member and he told us all about it.

“She said some pretty horrific things. I mean, they even shocked me and I’m a soulless, hateful socialist Democrat.

“We were talking about military veterans and how they should be treated and she said some pretty evil things, saying that they don’t matter. She said that they serve no purpose to society, other than to be a tool for the state. She also said they have served their purpose and can be replaced with any idiot with a gun. Then she went on about how they are just a drain on resources we could be giving to illegal immigrants to help them vote.She even suggested that nobody cares about them at all. Even I’m not that cold.”

It is shocking to hear someone in Congress would say these things, bit it surprises no one that it is a Democrat communist. They have no respect for our military This is the behavior we have come to expect from these anti-American fascists. Donald Trump will keep them in line. You can believe me on that one.

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