03 May 2020 ( 132 views )

AOC: Most Seniors Should Not Try to Vote

Freshman Democrat Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is up to her wacky far-left ideas again. This time, while speaking to a large group of seniors at Frederick Douglass High School in the Bronx, the former and future bartender went completely off the rails.

She actually came right out and said that most seniors should not try to vote. Clearly, this is something she has been thinking of for some time. Dr. Sandy Batt, an octogenarian literary instructor, was shocked and appalled by Ms. Ocasio-Cortez’s brashness while addressing the seniors and fainted on the spot.

A different tale was spun by Joe Barron, who was voted class president of Frederick Douglass High. In his words:
“It was amazing having the Congresswoman here. So many of us look up to her and are eager to help in any way that we can. Some of my friends have been talking about trying to find a way to vote straight blue even though they’ll only be 17. She urged us not to do that, as we could end up with a criminal record.

Most seniors aren’t 18 yet so she told us to not even try to vote, but that she looks forward to earning it when we do turn 18. She has a lot of great ideas and might even be our President someday.”

Clearly, young Joe has problems keeping his hormones under control. For anyone to make any sense of what the kid Congresswoman is saying is clearly mind-blowing.

To openly come out and declare that seniors should not be allowed to vote is clear voter suppression, which is something that our Republican party will never stand for.
If you back the Constitution and want to keep these far-left radicals out of power, vote red this November!

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