08 May 2020 ( 351 views )

9th Circuit Court Throws Out National Emergency Lawsuit

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, based in California’s most liberal district, has denied the lawsuit brought by 16 states against the Trump Administration for “abuse of power.” In the decision, Justice Art Tubolls wrote:

“There is no clear and present danger at the Southern Border, but there might be. If we were to incur an invasion, our President has said the generals would prefer to have a wall. At that point, the General Override Clause of the Commander-in-Chief Compact applies and there is nothing the states can do about it. This is a Federal, military issue now.”
The court also ordered that any and all land needed to build the wall that doesn’t belong to the government is now fully bound by eminent domain.

 That means the holdouts that were too stupid to sell earlier will now get next to nothing. As it should be.

 The Texas border is really nothing but useless dirt.

In the end, the wall will more than likely cost close to a trillion dollars, but the peace of mind we’ll get just from knowing it’s there will be amazing.

The 9th Circuit Court’s decision will go to the Supreme Court, where another unanimous decision for the Trump Administration is expected.

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